Mid-Island SnoBlazers information Brochure



The Mid-Island Sno-Blazers (Snowmobile) Association (MISB)

was founded in 1970 and became a registered non-profit society in 1975. Our club consists of approximately 140 members and is the largest snowmobile club on Vancouver Island. In fact, the MISB is one of the 10th largest member clubs of the BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF).



Benefits of Membership


The BC Snowmobile Federation portion of your membership provides:

  • A stronger voice in defense of our use of public lands.
  • A stronger position from which to confront the anti-motorized interests.
  • A stronger voice to lobby government for better snowmobiling.
  • A stronger position from which to negotiate insurance rates.
  • A multitude of support to local snowmobile clubs from BCSF
  • Recognition of snowmobiling as a legitimate and desirable recreation.
  • BCSF support for the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities.
  • Comprehensive General Liability insurance for local snowmobile clubs.
  • Provincial awareness of local clubs.
  • An opportunity for improved communication between snowmobilers.
  • Toll Free access to the BCSF office 5 days/week at 1-877-537-8716
  • SnoScene magazine mailed quarterly to each member’s home
  • Quarterly mailing of Snow Riders magazine.
  • Opportunity to win earlybird membership prizes (October-November).
  • A Snowmobile Permit Decal valid in most of BC
  • A Membership Card as proof of membership.
  • Discounts at BCSF many partnered Hotels and Business

The Mid-Island Sno-Blazer portion of your membership provides:

  • Support for the MISB Website
  • Access at Manned Gates (such as Copper Canyon).
  • 10% Discount at Participating Authorized Dealerships
  • 10% discount at R.E.Cycle in Chemainus.
  • Use of the various Safety Shelters and Land Use Agreements.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Provincial Emergency Program.
  • Opportunity to participate in club activities.
  • Opportunity to interact with local snowmobilers.
  • Public recognition of snowmobiling at a local level.



Membership and Membership Fees

The membership year is from October 1st until the following October 1st (cannot be pro-rated).

2012/13 Mid-Island Sno-Blazers Snowmobile Permit/Membership Fees:

  1. $80.00 Primary
  2. $60.00 Secondary
  3. $20.00 Child (15 or younger)
  4. $40.00 Seniors (65 or older)
  5. $30.00 Non-Riding Members
  6. $60.00 Additional Snowmobiles
  7. $10.00 Replacement


Memberships can be obtained from –


  • R.E.Cycle – 250-246-1551 r.e.cycle@shaw.ca
  • Saari Hamilton or Rob Hanna – 250-741-0858 rob@bcsnowmobile.com
  • Blake Erickson – 250-758-0315 blake@ericksonroofing.com
  • Courtenay Motorsports – 250-338-1415

Every permit must be accompanied with a completed MISB Membership Agreement and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (as required by TimberWest & Island Timberlands).


We also offer “Good Neighbour Memberships” to current BCSF Members (usually through another club) who make use of our riding areas and/or voluntarily wish to help support our club and wish to receive information (normally by email) from MISB. An additional condition of this membership is the completion of the MISB Membership Agreement and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (as required by TimberWest & Island Timberlands).

Click here to download a copy of Release of Liability & Indemnity Agreement

(Highly Recommended)

Optional $1,000,000.00 Third Party Legal Liability Insurance Program is offered for a premium of $70.00 when purchased with the Snowmobile Permit/Membership.

Note: Drivers License Number and the snowmobile’s Year/Make/Model and Serial Number is required for this insurance to be valid.

For further information, contact Clayton Prince at Capri Insurance (1-888-818- 5821).

THANK YOU for your support of The Mid-Island Sno-Blazers and the BCSF. Your membership strengthens our voice for continued and improved snowmobiling throughout the province.


MISB Volunteer(s)


The Mid-Island Sno-Blazers (Snowmobile) Association has all kinds of volunteer projects that need to be done, from outdoors tasks to office work to assisting with social activities or fundraising. Whatever your skill or interest, we will strive to make your investment with us productive, rewarding, and most of all, fun.

You don’t have to be a snowmobiler. Anyone who wants to contribute to the betterment of their community can help out. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, we can tailor a specific job suited to your abilities and skills.

The Mid-Island Sno-Blazers (Snowmobile) Association relies on active volunteers to get the job done.


Code of Ethics


I understand and accept the risks associated with snowmobiling and I will take responsibility for my own actions…

As a responsible snowmobiler…….

  • I will ride in a manner that is a credit to our recreation.
  • I will influence other snowmobilers to adhere to this Code of Ethics.
  • I will respect the rights of others including property owners and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • I will protect and preserve our natural environment.
  • I will ride in a responsible manner and will use only marked trails; areas or roads open to snowmobiles.
  • I will not harass or harm wildlife or the natural surroundings.
  • I will minimize my impact on the environment.
  • I will ride smart, be prepared and stay in control.
  • I will check ice and weather conditions before riding.
  • I will help those in distress.
  • I will obey all laws and rules governing our recreation.
  • I will promote proper snowmobile education and training.I will practice Zero Tolerance with respect to impaired riding.